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9 Signs That You May Need Help at Home

If you (or your loved one) answer “yes” to any of the following questions, it may be time for more help at home.
1.       Were you diagnosed with a new illness, or has an existing condition gotten worse?
2.       Were you recently hospitalized, or are you making multiple trips to the emergency room?
3.       Have you had a recent medication change?
4.       Do you need physical, occupational or speech therapy services?
5.       Are you at risk for falls?
6.       Do you have concerns with safety at home?
7.       Are you relying more and more on family and friends for your daily needs?
8.       Are you experiencing uncontrolled pain or other uncomfortable symptoms?
9.       Are you eating less or unintentionally losing weight?


Not sure where to start? Our home health care team at VNS Home Care can point you in the right direction or suggest options that may help you. Call VNS Home Care at (515) 558-9591 or email to ask questions and learn which services could best address your needs.