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Veteran Pinning Pre-Event Form

Vet Pinning Pre-Event Form

This form is intended to notify Business Development & Communications of upcoming veteran pinning ceremonies. If your event has already occurred, you will still need to complete both this form and our Vet Pinning Post-Event eForm.

Best practice, and our preference, is to be notified at least two weeks prior to a veteran pinning ceremony. We understand that this not always possible. However, this timeframe allows for the best media coverage and opportunity to share the story. In the event that this is not possible, we will do what we can to share the story. Post-event submissions should be the exception and not the norm.

Please note: requests will not be processed until all of the required information has been received in the requested format.  For those patients who have authorized for the story to be released to the media, it will be up to the media outlet how and if the story will be used, as this is not paid advertising. Therefore, please do not promise media coverage to families. Here are some tips for talking with families about sharing their stories.

Staff Contact Information

Patient Information

If the patient is unable to comment, please also enter contact information for the most appropriate family member.

Required Forms

The MR-0180 form (patient media release) must be filled out completely according to the instructions. We cannot share the story with the media or through our own channels until we have received a copy of this form. 

Under the second bullet, all outside media outlets must be specified i.e. ”Mt. Ayr Record News”. HCI Care Services is not an outside media outlet. The patient/representative doesn't have to initial for us to release his/her medical condition, but he/she will need to initial the second and third spaces to allow him/her to be interviewed.  

For purpose, please list “PR”. For the expiration, please put the date out 18 months.

Military Service Information

Ceremony Details

Ceremony details help us to tell our story to the media, in our newsletters, in the annual report, and on grant applications.  Unless specified otherwise below, the following details will be included about the ceremony:  "The ceremony will include the Pledge of Allegiance, a prayer of thanks, the awarding of a Veteran service flag pin, the singing of 'God Bless America,' a reading of 'What is a Veteran' and the presentation of a certificate of recognition."

Please answer the following questions:

Reminders for Pinning Ceremony and Post-Event Form

Please plan to take a couple of photos of the patient at the ceremony holding his/her framed certificate, which you will upload within the post-event form. Please do not email photos from pinning ceremonies.

As a reminder, everyone pictured will need to be identified from left to right with full names, titles and their relationship to the patient (e.g., wife or social worker), and they will all need to sign our photo release form which you will upload within the post-event form. Please do not fax, interoffice or email any forms.

Here are some tips for taking photos:

CROPPING - Get as close as you can to the patient/group while ensuring they are all in the shot.

LIGHT - Do not take photos in front of windows, into the sun or in front of televisions that are on. Instead, reposition group, close the blinds or turn off the tv. Otherwise, try to get as much light or natural light into the shot as possible.

BACKGROUND - Be mindful of the background. Good: flags, plain walls. Bad: garbage cans, open doors, personal items such as Depends packages or urinals, etc. 

CHECK THE SHOT - Always immediately check the photo on your camera to see if you need to re-take it: Are their eyes open? Is the picture in focus? Is it too light or too dark? Does everyone have pleasant expressions on their faces?

RESOLUTION -  If you are using a traditional digital camera, be sure you take photos at the highest resolution setting. If you are using a smartphone, upload the photos at the "actual resolution" or the highest resolution possible.