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Veteran Pinning Post-Event Form

Veteran Pinning Post-Event Form

This form is intended for submitting photos, photo releases for those pictured (aside from the patient), quotes and other details as a follow up to our Vet Pinning Pre Event eForm. Stories will not be processed until both forms have been received. Best practice, and our preference, is to be notified at least two weeks prior to a veteran pinning ceremony. We understand that this not always possible. However, this timeframe allows for the best media coverage and opportunity to share the story. In the event that this is not possible, we will do what we can to share the story. Post-event submissions should be the exception and not the norm.

Please allow at least two weeks from when all the required information has been submitted for us to submit post-event stories to the media. Please also inform us if the patient dies before the story has run, and if we should need to make any changes as a result.

For those patients who have authorized for the story to be released to the media, it will be up to the media outlet how and if the story will be used, as this is not paid advertising. Therefore, please do not promise media coverage to families.

Our non-patient/client photo release form is needed for everyone in the pictures who is not a patient/client. Scan multiple releases into one PDF and upload as one document.