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Tips for Taking Headshots

1. BACKGROUND - Place the person approximately 2-3 feet in front of a light-colored, plain wall. Avoid wallpaper patterns, window treatments, door frames and other objects in the background.

2. CROPPING - Position the person in your frame so that the camera crops from mid-torso to about 6 inches above their head.

3. LIGHT - Try to use natural light when possible. If there are windows in the room, open the shades to let as much light in as possible.

4. FLASH – With most up-close portraits, a flash is not necessary. It can cause the photo to be washed out and it can create bright reflections on faces and in the lenses of people who wear glasses.

5. CHECK THE SHOT - Always immediately check the photo on your camera to see if you need to re-take it: Are their eyes open? Is the picture in focus? Is it too light or too dark?

6. RESOLUTION - If you are using a traditional digital camera, be sure you take photos at the highest resolution setting. If you are using a smartphone, send the photos at the "actual resolution" or the highest resolution possible.