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Board of Directors

Special thanks go to our Board of Directors for sharing their time and talents toward our mission. The HCI Care Services & VNS of Iowa Board of Directors was named the #6 Most Influential Board in the Business Record's 2015 Book of Lists.


Debra J. Milligan, Chair
John D. Pittman, Secretary
Jesse J. Wurth, Treasurer
Graham J. CookPast Chair
Tray Wade, President and CEO
Pat Barry
Mark W. Beerman

Nick J. Henderson
Gary L. Hoff, DO
Connie L. Isaacson
John M. Paule
Rebecca L. Purnell

Judith A. Ralston-Hansen
Sally A. Reavely
Priscilla L. Ruhe, MD
Scott Shuck
​Tom Temple

Kathryn F. Turner
Brad R. Wyckoff
Kim Willis