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Several Businesses Come Together to Donate Mattresses to Hospice House

posted on Wednesday, November 9, 2016

On Nov. 8th, HCI Hospice Care Services receive a donation of three custom-built mattresses and bedding at Greater Regional Hospice Home in Creston, thanks to the generosity and collaboration of local businesses. 

Nishna Valley Credit Union, through employee donations via the business’ Jeans Day collection, collected money to help pay for new mattresses for roll-a-way cots at HCI Hospice Care Services’ Greater Regional Hospice Home in Creston.

The cots are vital for visiting family members of hospice patients at the house, who often stay with their loved ones and need a place to sleep.

After collecting the funds, Nishna Valley Credit Union worked with Coen Furniture in Creston to have the mattresses specially made.  Coen Furniture in turn worked with Omaha Bedding, which waived the extra cost to build the specialty mattresses.


Front row, from left:  HCI Hospice Care Services employees Stacie Beverlin, RN; Connie Quee, RN; Dot Shannon, RN; Amy Mobley, team director; and Darla Baudler, hospice aide.  Back row, from left:  Meg McGrath, Coen Furniture; Matt Berthusen, Omaha Bedding; Verleta Chubick, Lori Tull and Josh Madison, Nishna Valley Credit Union; and HCI Hospice Care Services employees Sandy Shimono, hospice aide; and Donna Cheers, hospice aide.