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Living Our Mission: Insomnia Patient

posted on Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Recently we were brought in to work with a veteran who was struggling to get enough sleep at night, causing the patient great discomfort. The veteran’s current physician was having trouble getting the patient’s symptoms under control, and the veteran needed a home repair in order to remain at home.

Our hospice team and medical director stepped up to assist the patient in being comfortable and getting rest. With supportive funding from our Foundation, repairs were made to the patient’s home, enabling the veteran to stay in a comfortable and familiar environment. With a care plan in place, the patient began to sleep well for the first time in weeks.  The prior physician visited with the patient and told our staff he was extremely impressed with the improvement made by his patient. At HCI Hospice Care Services, we take great pride in solving the most complex end-of-life cases.